Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jesus I run to you

There's this band called Lady Antebellum. They're country, but not twangy country. They're also one of my all-time favourite bands. They have a song called "I Run To You". Like most songs nowadays, it's a love song. The chorus goes like this:

This world keeps spinning faster
Into a new disaster so I run to you
I run to you baby
When it all starts coming undone
Baby you're the only one I run to
I run to you

As I was listening to it earlier, I started to think about the words. They're singing about how when things get rough, they run to the one they love for comfort. Now what if we sung this song, but instead of saying "baby", we said "Jesus"? I run to you Jesus, when it all starts coming undone. Jesus you're the only one I run to. Would the meaning of the song change? Or would it merely be intensified? Aren't we supposed to run to Jesus when our lives get tough? Trust in Him and know that He will guide us through? BUT we're also supposed to run to Him when our lives are good. He's not just there to rescue us. He's there to rejoice and dance with us as well! Next time you're listening to a love song, and that special someone comes to mind, try thinking of God instead. Try singing that love song to Him. Or imagine Him singing it to you. Try it. It's pretty amazing.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Honk if you love Jesus.

Text while driving if you want to meet Him.

Pet Peeve alert!! People who text and talk on their phone and do their makeup and read the paper and tie their shoes and..and..where was I going with this? Oh yeah, people who do that stuff while DRIVING! Here's a solution people. Listen up. PULL OVER to text or talk on your phone. Get a bluetooth. Wait till you get where you're going. Tie your freakin shoes before you leave. Do your make-up before you leave. Read the paper while drinking your coffee or wait till you get to work. I really don't care if you're intent on risking your life by doing these things, but please PLEASE don't risk other people's lives. You may not think it's a big deal, but it is. You glance away to look at your phone or the mirror or the top story, and in that 2.7 seconds you're looking away, a child could run onto the road. Your car can go over the center line a tiny bit and hit an oncoming car. Another vehicle could be out of control and hit you. You never know what could happen, so why take the risk? Is that text REALLY that important? Can't your eyeliner wait another 10 minutes? Think about it. Think about it long and hard. The horoscopes in the daily paper aren't more important than someone's life, including your own.

Oh yeah...drinking and driving. Do I even need to explain this one? Don't do's stupid.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hello there.

I haven't really blogged in awhile. Like...3 months. So I thought maybe I should get back on the blogging train!

A couple quick things that I'll mention are some great opportunities I had over the last little bit. One was being able to attend Gold River's grad. That was great! Everyone looked so good and it was great to be able to see people again! Another thing I got to do was attend Matt & Deanna's wedding. Beautiful! I felt so blessed to be able to share their special day with them. PLUS, me and Matt Pow actually got a decent picture together! That never happens! Haha and a group of us had a photoshoot after, so that was a lot of fun. It was a great day for sure!

College! I am officially a college graduate! I now have two grad caps, each with a tassel showcasing a different year. So weird! College was an amazing experience for me. It was great being part of a class with such diversity. I was the youngest student in my course, and the oldest was 63! But you know what? I rarely noticed the age difference. I was worried about being the youngest, but I felt so accepted right away. It was great! I made some friendships that will last a really long time and I'm so excited about that! There was definitely some rough times throughout the year where I just wanted to quit and thought to myself "why the heck did I do this?!" But then I would pass a homeless man on the street. Or get a hug from a little boy in my practicum. And then I'd remember why. I'm not just going to school to get a title of some sort. I'm going to school to make a difference.

Katimavik! Wow, lots going on with that. In my last post, it said I was maybe in. Now I am FO SHO in! It's pretty exciting. But it's also been a crazy road with everything! I was supposed to find out last week where I'm going, but instead I received an email saying they didn't have the information ready yet. Then a few days later I got another email saying they had a funding cut, and there would be some changes. Those changes included cutting the program to 6 months instead of 9 months, which means 2 placements instead of 3, and I will no longer be receiving $1000 at the end. I will still, however, receive an "allowance" of about $20/week. I should be finding out tomorrow where I'm I will *hopefully* blog again tomorrow with that information! Its gonna be tough being away for 6 months, especially not being home for Christmas, but it's also gonna be an amazing experience and I'm really excited!

Relay for Life! Once again, I entered a team into Relay for Life. Correction, I entered 3 teams into Relay for Life! About 30 people were involved with the Guardian Angel teams and it was great! We did tight&bright/superheros as our theme and we just had a blast. Around 1am, we got the music guy to announce us, and we did our Jump dance from Variety Night in front of the stage. After we finished, the crowd clapped and as we were walking away, the announcer called us back. Apparently about 30 seconds before we started, they had just decided to award the Team Spirit Award to our team, and then when they got to the stage to announce it, we were dancing! How cool is that?! Not everyone could stay all night, which was fine, and almost everyone made it the whole night without sleeping. I admit I fell asleep for about two hours, which is two more hours than last year! I'm not sure how much our team raised, but the whole Comox Valley raised over $100,000! So great!!

Other than that, there hasn't been anything BIG going on that's really blog-worthy. Oh, and I'm blonde again :) I didn't realize how much I missed it!

I'm really really really stoked for summer. I'll end my post with a list of things I'm looking forward to this summer!

Summer 2010:

- TAN! my shorts tan has already started!
- Lake with Tianna this weekend
- Lake/beach/river as much as possible
- Canada Day festivities
- Fireworks in Campbell River on Canada Day
- New camera
- CAMP!! July 11-24!! So stoked!!
- 19th Birthday
- Getting my leather jacket
- Big Time Out
- Multiple camping trips
- Babysitting
- Getting ready for Kaitmavik
- Hanging out and being a teenager!

Summer 2010...its gonna be a gooder!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Brightest Stars

A friend of mine was a little down and I asked if there was anything I could do to cheer him up. He said "write me a song."

I remember it clearly, it was a beautiful day
Sun shining, faces smiling, people laughing
My wrist band was too loose, you offered to hold it
You made me laugh, and I haven’t stopped since

They say good friends are like stars
You don’t always see them
But you know they’re there
And I just wanna say thanks
For being one of my brightest stars

Before that day, we rarely spoke
Mere acquaintances in the world of camp
You like to play tricks on me
Including one involving your truck
But every time, without fail, you apologize

They say good friends are like stars
You don’t always see them
But you know they’re there
And I just wanna say thanks
For being one of my brightest stars

Through the good times and the bad
The fun and the canteen line-ups
We got to know each other
Between the cookies and laughs
The tears and random conversations
We became friends

And they say good friends are like stars
You don’t always see them
But you know they’re there
And I just wanna say thanks
For being one of my brightest stars, brightest stars
I just wanna say thanks
For being one of my brightest stars