Monday, March 23, 2009


Where to start?!?
I'm really tired and don't want to type a lot, so I'll do this in point form :P

-Left the church after the 50+ group prayed for us..that was awesome.
-I didn't say anything for the first part of the trip to Nanaimo and when I said something, Adam turned around and was like "Sam, shut up!" It was funny :P
-Nothing too exciting from the ferry to the border. Stayed at Mer's aunts house thursday night and got up around 3 the next morning to start driving again.
-I stayed up with Ryan the next night..from about 3am to 9ish. Until the Mexico border.
-Driving through Mexico was awesome
-We ran into a Walmart for about 15 minutes and came back to a smashed window on one of our vans. Tommy's bag was stolen, Randy's bag was stolen. In Randy's bag was his laptop, his new camera and 9 of our passports. We spent hours in that parking lot figuring stuff out and then had to go to the police station to file a report. The passports stolen were mine, Ryan, Randy, Sarah, Tommy, Mikayla, Mercedes, Chelsea and Mel. We had to get Emergency passports to get home. More about those later.
-Got to camp late and went to bed.
-Sunday we went to two church services. The first one I shared my testimony. It was cool cause we had a translator (Sergio) and he was awesome! We got to pray for the people there too. Second service I helped with the kids. We did a short skit about the little boy's lunch that fed over 5000 people. Then did a craft and played outside. We did facepaint too. There was the cutest little girl there and her name is Samantha!! She gave me a kiss on the cheek when we left.
-Monday and tuesday we worked. We set up rocks along the road at camp and painted them white, painted the inside of one of the buildings, built a fence around Sergio's house so that his son, Enoc (SO CUTE!) could run around. And some general clean up around camp.
-Wednesday was our fun day. We drove to San Filipe and had lunch (which was so good!). We also got a couple guys to sing and play us a mexican song. It was awesome. Then we spent a couple hours at the beach. It was so nice!! Then we went back and went shopping. Bartering is so much fun! :P I got some sweet stuff. It got cold pretty quick and I forgot my jacket so Ryan let me borrow his. Then we had dinner (which was also very good!) and went back to camp.
-Thursday was back to work. We planted some trees which was lots of fun. We also got to destroy this cement igloo that was there. We smashed it with sledge hammers all day pretty much until it finally came down. We didn't get to finish it all tho. But that was a lot of fun.
-Friday we had to leave early so we could get our Emergency Passports. That sucked cause we had to cancel our Youth event. The 9 of us who's passports were stolen, plus Jason, sat in a conference room for hours!! We had to fill out papers and Jay had to sign for 5 of them (not me, Ryan, Randy or Sarah) cause they were underage.
-Finally got out and over the border. Both borders there was no trouble with the passports, which is awesome! FAVOUR! :P
-DISNEYLAND! Wow..too much to say so i'll just say it was AMAZINGLY FUN! It was Ryan's first visit and he was so stoked. I got him a "1st Visit" pin and he wore it proudly :P Everyone had tons of fun. Felt a little sick at one point cause I went on California Screamin' too many times :P
-For two nights we slept in the offices of Christina Williams church. It was nice, but not the comfiest
-Drove home..pretty much the same as the drive up. Kelsey stayed in LA with Christina. We stopped at In and Out Burger for lunch and it was the BEST fast food burger I have ever had!
-So yeah..not a lot happened on the drive home.

-Team time was amazing. We had it almost every night. On the late late nights we didn't. One night we stayed up till almost one telling our testimonies. We didnt get through everyones tho. I told mine in more detail and its the most I've told anyone there besides Jason. And yes, I cried. And I wasn't the only one! :P God is good.
-Meals were also amazing. The food was really good (minus some mushrooms :P) and we always had fun. One night my table was laughing so hard. I won't go into all the details why we were laughing, but most of us were crying and falling off chairs :P Ahhh good times.
-Almost everyone was sick with the cold at one point during the trip, including me..but it was still fun! :P

That's all I can think of to say right now. The whole trip was amazing. God did wonders as always and I'm so stoked to see what happens now. The trip definitly brought everyone closer and I got to know people better that I didn't before. I am so glad I went and I just want to say thanks to everyone who went for making the trip so great!

<3 <3

Pictures and videos will be on Facebook!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bon Voyage!

Yesterday was our first rugby game of the season. It didn't really count cause Vanier and Highland aren't in the same league (they're AAA and we're AA) but it was a good way for our new girls to see how the game is actually played. We did lose (not gonna say the score) but our team played hard and I am so proud of them! We have at least 6 more games this season.

So as you all know, we leave for Mexico today! It's gonna be an amazing trip and I can't wait to see what God is gonna do with us and through us. I gotta go finish getting ready, so I will say goodbye and I will have a big post when I get home!

Later Gators!!