Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why Wait?

I'm going to start by saying in NO WAY am I saying this whole Haiti ordeal isn't a big thing or important. And I'm not sure if this will all make sense, I'm just speaking about how I feel.

But what I wanna say is I don't get why when something big happens like this (Haiti), that it becomes the ONLY charity. Everyone's telling everyone to donate to Haiti (again, I'm not saying don't donate or anything like that, its a great cause) but what about the other charities and causes? Cancer, MS, AIDS, Poverty in our own communities and SO many more. They're all put on the backburner. Haiti becomes "more important". Just because one thing happens, doesn't make all other problems disappear and I think some people don't realize that. Don't just think "Oh someone else will donate to cancer research, so I don't have to." If everyone thinks that, then nothing will be done. Cancer won't be cured, and neither will other diseases or causes.

Why do we have to wait for something like an earthquake to step into action? Why wait for the explosion before we lend a hand? Are we going to wait for the death rate of AIDS infected people to sky rocket before we decide to help? Are we going to wait till 80% of our population is living in poverty before we offer our resources?

Why wait, when you can help now.